*  Are you still purging with Polypro ?  OH NO !  We understand how hard plastic fabricators work.  It takes a talented technician to fabricate perfect parts everyday , so their welders need to operate at the most efficient level.  Keeping them clean helps facilitate this goal as build up on the screw and barrel can cause reduction in output, making the machine work harder       


*  It takes just a few feet of XPurge rod to clear out the extrusion welder. Xpurge will adhere to foreign materials and contaminants in the barrel and screw flights. Fill the machine with XPurge rod , release the trigger to stop the screw, wait a minute to allow the purge to activate,  start the welder back up , empty out purge and you're ready for the next plastic type or color. It's that simple.  You will be very satisfied with the results  

 *  Proprietary XPurge rod is used to clean extrusion welding machines using a minimal amount of material. Non-chemical and non-abrasive XPurge rod is absolutely safe for your extrusion welder.  Use XPurge rod when purging between colors, plastic types, change overs and shut downs.  XPurge rod does not require adjusting machine temperature or RPM speed. XPurge is a must for PVC fabricators!
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